The documents listed below are important reference documents contributing to the Neighbourhood Plan. Dates in brackets are either date of issue or approval by SPC

Public Consultation Postcard (Sep'21)

Buildings of Local Significance (Sep'21)

BMSDC Historic Environment Concept Statements JLP Allocation Sites (Aug'21)

Neighbourhood Plan & Sproughton PC Update Flyer (Jun'21)

Neighbourhood Plan - Site Assessment FINAL (AECOM). (May'21)This is approved subject to inclusion in the NP of various points to clarify/complement the contents of this document

Neighbourhood Plan - Green Spaces FINAL (Apr'21)

Neighbourhood Plan - Sproughton Design Codes FINAL (a high resolution version is available however this is a large file. Pls contact for further info, AECOM) (Mar'21)

Neighbourhood Plan - Landscape Assessment (Alison Farmer Associates) (Feb'21)

Neighbourhood-Plan/Sproughton-NP-and-SWG-Flyer-Single-page-Feb-2021 (Feb'21)

LA013 - Red House Farm (comment on outline planning application for site) (Jun'21)

LA013 - AFA Landscape Appraisal 4 Red House Farm re allocation of site in BMSDC JLP (Sep'19)

LA013 - Red House Farm (comment on inclusion of site in BMSDC JLP) (Sep'19)

LA013 - AFA Landscape Appraisal for Ipswich Fringe (BDC) (Jul'18)

LA116: Planning Inspector Appeal Decision (Refusal) re DC/18/02010 for Hopkins Homes site (Dec'20)

LA116: Roy Lewis on behalf of BDC re Appeal DC/18/02010 for Hopkins Homes site (Nov'20)

LA116: BDC Decision Notice - Refusal re DC/18/02010 for Hopkins Homes site (May'20)

Significant Houses & Buildings in the parish (Nov'20)

Sproughton Listed Buildings (Nov'20)

Sproughton Primary School Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results (Nov'20) The primary school received a modified version of the survey tailored towards this particular age group - this presentation contains the results.

Neighbourhood-Plan/Sproughton-Listed-Buildings. (Nov'20)

Sproughton Primary School Neighbourhood Plan Survey. (Oct'20) Neighbourhood Plan survey for Sproughton Primary School.

Housing Needs Assessment (AECOM) (Oct'20)

Neighbourhood-Plan/Sproughton-NP-and-SWG-Flyer-Single-page-October-2020 (Oct'20)

Neighbourhood-Plan/Sproughton-NP-Exhibition-Photos. (Sep'20)

Neighbourhood Plan exhibition - Slides showing parishioners thoughts on development areas (Sep'20)

Neighbourhood-Plan exhibition display-4-6-September-2020 (Sep'20)

Neighbourhood-Plan Call-for-Sites-Form-August-2020-SNP. (Aug'20)

Household Survey (Jun'20)

Joint Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils Landscape Guidance (Aug'15)

Neighbourhood Plan Area: This is displayed on the Babergh website which includes the notice and map as of 16Apr20

Neighbourhood Plan Terms of Reference (Feb'20)