The documents listed below are important reference documents for the Neighbourhood Plan

Buildings of Local Significance (Sep'20)

Neighbourhood Plan & Sproughton PC Update Flyer (Jun'21)

Neighbourhood Plan - Site Assessment FINAL (AECOM). (May'21)This is approved subject to inclusion in the NP of various points to clarify/complement the contents of this document

Neighbourhood Plan - Green Spaces FINAL (Apr'21)

Neighbourhood Plan - Sproughton Design Codes FINAL (a high resolution version is available however this is a large file. Pls contact for further info, AECOM) (Mar'21)

Neighbourhood Plan - Landscape Assessment (Alison Farmer Associates) (Feb'21)

Neighbourhood-Plan/Sproughton-NP-and-SWG-Flyer-Single-page-Feb-2021 (Feb'21)

Significant Houses & Buildings in the parish (Nov'20)

Sproughton Listed Buildings (Nov'20)

Sproughton Primary School Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results (Nov'20) The primary school received a modified version of the survey tailored towards this particular age group - this presentation contains the results.

Neighbourhood-Plan/Sproughton-Listed-Buildings. (Nov'20)

Sproughton Primary School Neighbourhood Plan Survey. (Oct'20) Neighbourhood Plan survey for Sproughton Primary School.

Housing Needs Assessment (AECOM) (Oct'20)

Neighbourhood-Plan/Sproughton-NP-and-SWG-Flyer-Single-page-October-2020 (Oct'20)

Neighbourhood-Plan/Sproughton-NP-Exhibition-Photos. (Sep'20)

Neighbourhood Plan exhibition - Slides showing parishioners thoughts on development areas (Sep'20)

Neighbourhood-Plan exhibition display-4-6-September-2020 (Sep'20)

Neighbourhood-Plan Call-for-Sites-Form-August-2020-SNP. (Aug'20)

Household Survey (Jun'20)

Neighbourhood Plan Area: This is displayed on the Babergh website which includes the notice and map as of 16Apr20

Neighbourhood Plan Terms of Reference (Feb'20)