UPDATE (15Jun22): The Pigeon planning application was heard today by Babergh Planning Committee and REFUSED!!! By unanimous vote. Thanks go to Zac (District Councillor), Rhona (Chair, Neighbourhood Plan) & Helen (Chair) for their speeches to the committee and to those parishioners (& Clerk) who came along to support us.

Pigeon Land Management/Felix Thornley development ' Land North of Burstall Lane DC/19/0567 (Tue 7th June)

Babergh Planning Committee are visiting the 'Pigeon' site by the Allotments/Wildman tomorrow Wed 8th June at 09:30am (meeting in the Wildman car-park). They will be going round the site with the planning officer in charge of the application (DC/19/00567 'Hybrid Application comprising Outline Planning Application for the erection of up to 92 homes and 13 self-build/custom build plots)'. The parish council will be there but we are not allowed to speak. Please come along to show your support.

Following on from the Babergh Planning Committe site visit to the 'Pigeon' site tomorrow, they will be hearing the application on Wed 15th June at 09:30am in the Frink Room, Endeavour House. Again we would really like your support at the hearing. If you would like a lift into Ipswich for the meeting please contact Kirsty Webber our Clerk, SproughtonPC@gmail.com . If you would like to read what has been put forward, it can be found at https://baberghmidsuffolk.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=150&MId=3378


As you know in late 2020 the application for a development of 105 houses around the Wildman Pub was granted by the Babergh District Council planning committee.

We are very pleased to inform you that after diligent and persistent investigations from the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Planning Team that the application has been referred back to committee.

Sproughton Parish Council have engaged with technical support from a consultant who together, have succeeded in overturning the application. This is because parts of the proposed new Joint Local Plan had been dismissed by the Government inspector and the decision to approve the application was based partly on the new JLP.

What does this mean?

It means that the basis for approval in the new planning committee meeting will be centred on the current 2006 Local Plan. This site was not allocated on the local plan, our housing requirements for the parish have been met several times over by the Wolsey Grange 1 site and Bennett Homes. It is a very possible the application could be refused.

We will again be calling on local parish support to have this application turned over and planning refused at committee. We will be updating the parish on a regular basis on the progress.


Zoom Meeting Thursday 15th July at 7pm.

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81589389435?pwd=OHRJRVQ3dGtmallSaFl3Ky9wdml4UT09

Meeting ID: 815 8938 9435

Passcode: 893930

Please display your name when you join.


The Parish Council will be holding different events for people to attend In Person or Virtually in order to update Parishioners on the above application for 750 dwellings.

This is the biggest planning application that the parish is likely to receive for the next twenty years. It will have a significant impact on the parish, doubling the size of the parish.

Event Dates.



Taylor Wimpey have now submitted a further application for 750 homes in the Chantry Vale valley.

BMSDC Planning Application DC/21/02671.

This application can be viewed at https://planning.baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk/online-applications/simpleSearchResults.do?action=firstPage

There are 158 documents associated with this application some of which are hundreds of page reports which have been published just as we are engaging with the Government Inspector for the review of the new Joint Local Plan which is a significant and demanding process in itself.

The closing date set by BMSDC Planning is 16th June which is wholly unrealistic in the present circumstances so we have asked for an extension.

Covid19 may prevent an open Parish Meeting but we will look at options. In the mean time please contact Kirsty the Parish Clerk if you would like to assist in the review of this application.

The Parish Council regularly considers planning applications of all sizes and description at our fortnightly planning meetings and makes comments to the District Council as part of its 'Consultee' status. If an application is significant e.g. 49 houses next to the Tithe Barn (Hopkins Homes) rather than the more normal loft conversion type of application we publicise the application, ask for comments from parishioners and may hold a public meeting to get parishioners feedback. The Sproughton Working Group led by Mrs Rhona Jermyn also takes a keen interest in the bigger applications that are coming forward and works on its own publicity campaigns and responses to bigger applications. Currently the Parish Council and the Sproughton Working Group are collaborating to create a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish.

Babergh is continuing to pursue planning applications during the Covid-19 crisis and it is important that we continue to work on these applications feeding back the opinions of the parish especially where these are controversial applications. Do we want to come out of the Covid-19 lockdowns and find that the 3,000-odd houses proposed in the Joint Local Plan have been approved without due consideration??!!

To search for planning applications relevant to Sproughton please go to https://planning.baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk/online-applications/ .

We are always happy to receive comments on planning applications from parishioners to guide the Parish Councils response to Babergh thereby ensuring we represent the community’s views as a whole.

Comments can be posted to Planning, c/o The Parish Clerk, Sproughton Parish Council, Tithe Barn, Lower Street, Sproughton, Suffolk, IP8 3AA (post box next to the Barley Room) or by email with a subject heading of ‘Planning’ & the application number to sproughtonpc@gmail.com  

Please also forward your comments to BMSDC Planning with your name and address (as comments will not be considered without this information), headed with the application name, number & ‘Objection’, ‘Support’, ‘Comment’. Please note that objections are only counted as objections when specifically stated as such. Therefore its best to start your comments with ‘I object to this application….’ or ‘I support this application ….’ Etc. Contact details are also listed against each application.

Enso and EDF are proposing to build solar farms (Covering 240 acres)that encompass Burstall, Flowton, Elmsett & Bramford.

If you wish to object to this development, an objection letter has been compiled for your use.


Please forward this to:planning@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk


The updated Joint Local Plan is going to be put before the full Babergh Mid-Suffolk District Council on 09/10 Nov20 in order to approve publication. After which it goes for official review by a Planning Inspector. Interested parties can put forward their views. SPC would like to hear parishioners views on this updated version of the JLP - exactly how is tbd given we are now in another lockdown - may be a virtual village meeting??

Below are the documents for review - this isn't the complete set but what we felt was most relevant to Sproughton parish. The quickest way to review the docs seem to be to read the introduction & any summary and then search for 'Sproughton'.









BMSDC-Joint-Local-Plan-Pre-Submission-Nov-2020-FINAL.pdf *









BMSDC-Joint-SHELAA-Report-Oct-2020.pdf *