The Parish Council regularly considers planning applications of all sizes and description at our fortnightly planning meetings and makes comments to the District Council as part of its 'Consultee' status. If an application is significant e.g. 49 houses next to the Tithe Barn (Hopkins Homes) rather than the more normal loft conversion type of application we publicise the application, ask for comments from parishioners and may hold a public meeting to get parishioners feedback. The Sproughton Working Group led by Mrs Rhona Jermyn also takes a keen interest in the bigger applications that are coming forward and works on its own publicity campaigns and responses to bigger applications. Currently the Parish Council and the Sproughton Working Group are collaborating to create a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish.

Babergh is continuing to pursue planning applications during the Covid-19 crisis and it is important that we continue to work on these applications feeding back the opinions of the parish especially where these are controversial applications. Do we want to come out of the Covid-19 lockdown and find that the 3,000-odd houses proposed in the Joint Local Plan have been approved without due consideration??!!

The following planning applications are open for consultation on the BMSDC web site planning portal. They are therefore applications that BMSDC Planning department is continuing to pursue at this time.

We have highlighted parts of the applications that may be worthy of comment and would be happy to receive further comments from parishioners to guide the Parish Councils response to Babergh thereby representing the community’s views.

These comments can be posted to Planning, c/o The Parish Clerk, Sproughton Parish Council, Tithe Barn, Lower Street, Sproughton, Suffolk, IP8 3AA (post box next to the Barley Room) or by email with a subject heading of ‘Planning’ & the application number to  

Please also forward your comments to BMSDC Planning with your name and address (as comments will not be considered without this information), headed with the application name, number & ‘Objection’, ‘Support’, ‘Comment’. Please note that objections are only counted as objections when specifically stated as such. Therefore its best to start your comments with ‘I object to this application….’ or ‘I support this application ….’ Etc. Contact details are also listed against each application.


Planning Officer: Katherine Hale

Post: Ms Katherine Hale, Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Council Planning, Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich, IP1 2BX

Proposal: Submission of details (Reserved Matters) and Discharge of Conditions 4 6 10 11 13 16 22 23 27 32 33 34 39 47 48 and 63 under Outline Planning Permission B/15/00993. Appearance,  Landscaping, Layout & Scale for 305no dwellings, public open space, hard & soft landscaping and infrastructure.

Location: Land North And South Of, Poplar Lane, Sproughton, Suffolk

Sproughton Parish Council has commented that a planning application of this size should not be progressed past the consultation stage during a period where it is impossible to hold a public village meeting to inform and gather views.

This is the second phase of Wolsey Grange One (Phase 1b) for which outline planning permission was already agreed. However we have noticed some of the supporting surveys are actually reports required for Phase 1a where a surveyor appears to have added a comment that they conducted a walk-through of the Phase 1b site and noted no change in the circumstances since 2014/2015. The fact that new surveys were required for phase 1a it would seem appropriate that dedicated site surveys of at least the same standard should be required for the new phase 1b application and not just a walk through amendment to an adjacent survey.  Further comments.


Planning Officer: Jo Hobbs

Post: Jo Hobbs, Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Council Planning, Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich, IP1 2BX

Proposal: Full Planning Application (duplicate application of original DC/18/02010) - Residential development of 49 dwellings with new vehicular access from Bramford Road (B1113), associated parking, landscaping and open space.

Location: Land on the East Side of, Bramford Road, Sproughton, Suffolk

Sproughton Parish Council & the Sproughton Working Group have already commented on this application as have several hundred objectors however this application has been given an extension of the consultation period.

No significant change has occurred to the application. The layout and building heights appear broadly the same however ‘Place Services’ and organisation used frequently by BDC to obtain an opinion on applications has submitted broadly supporting reports on Ecology and Landscape. Further comments.