Overnight Diversion - Mon 19 Feb - > Sat 24 Feb 24

We are writing to provide an update regarding the upcoming diversion scheduled to commence on Monday, February 19th - today!!. Sproughton Parish Council has received confirmation that the planned works will proceed as initially scheduled. Additionally, we have been informed that while the road closure is in effect, essential repairs to the A14 further along will also be carried out. This coordinated effort, despite its challenges, aims to prevent the need for a separate diversion in the near future. Rest assured, we are actively working on behalf of residents by collaborating closely with Suffolk Highways and National Highways to minimise disruption of the work they have planned. Furthermore, we are pleased to inform you that arrangements have been made for a mobile speed and safety van to be stationed along the High Street. This initiative is intended to deter speeding and reckless driving on the B11113 (High Street) while also capturing data on any unsafe driving behaviors. To accommodate the van's presence during the evening of the diversions, two parking spaces along the High Street will be temporarily unavailable and marked with cones. While we acknowledge the inconvenience this may cause, it was a necessary compromise to ensure the effectiveness of this safety measure. We hope that positioning the van in this manner will encourage greater caution from drivers passing through the residential area. We understand that these developments may pose challenges for residents, but please rest assured that Sproughton Parish Council is fully committed to minimising any disruptions caused by the diversion.



We are happy to inform you that maintenance works have begun on the play area!! We will update you on when this is complete so the children can start to enjoy this again.



Saturday 2nd December, 2:00-4:00pm

Children's Party– Disco, Santa’s Grotto, Games including , Pin the Nose on  
Rudolph, pass the parcel. 
(Nibbles & Drinks included)

Saturday 2nd December, 7:00—10:30pm

Christmas Quiz, Adult Disco, Nibbles 
supplied. Please bring your own drink.

Sunday 3rd December 2:00—3:30pm

Mince Pies, Mulled Wine , Christmas Carols with the church choir.


We look forward to welcoming you all there to enjoy the Sproughton Christmas


Sproughton Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum 21Nov23

The Tithe barn is open today for parishioners to vote on the neighbourhood plan .....AND......(26Nov23) our plan has been made - thanks to all who voted



At their AGM (25/10/23), all the attending members of the Playing Field Management Committe (PFMC) resigned, with the remaining member resigning the following day (26/10/2023) therefore dissolving the PFMC.

 As set out in the playing field deeds, responsibility for the playing fields now transfers to the Parish Council (as custodian trustees).

 The Parish Council are seeking advice to confirm the legal position on the best way forward with the playing fields to ensure the long-term usage for all Parishioners. 

 We have immediately instructed Wicksteed to carry out the required maintenance works to allow the re-opening of the play area and we will keep you updated on progress and timescale for completion. Longer term we will seek funding opportunities (including grant applications) to upgrade the existing play area.

 The Parish Council would like to thank all of the PFMC members for the time and dedication given to the running of the playing fields.







Help shape the future of the Babergh and Mid Suffolk Districts

People are being urged to tell Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils what matters most to their communities in a new survey which will help shape future plans.

The new council administrations have outlined their initial long-term visions and strategic priorities for the districts - and now want the views of residents, businesses and communities to further develop these.

On Tuesday, both council cabinets agreed to launch a six-week exercise giving people the opportunity to provide feedback and suggest new ideas.

This will include an online survey, which has opened today, and in-person workshops with different groups, businesses and organisations.

Cllr Andy Mellen, Mid Suffolk District Council leader, said: “It will always be the council’s role to provide high quality services, but we are ambitious and want our district to really thrive.

We have developed a vision and a set of strategic priorities to address the challenges we face, and which we believe can make Mid Suffolk even better.

But we want people to tell us what they think of these ideas – and put forward their own. It is important that we work with people to help shape the future of their own communities. We look forward to seeing the responses.”

Cllr John Ward, Babergh District Council acting leader, said: “This is an important opportunity for people to really influence what we prioritise and how the district will develop in the future.

The coalition administration has set out its vision and approach to tackle key issues and where things can be even better. But listening to and working with communities is at the heart of what we do, so we look forward to hearing feedback and ideas.

The views of local people really matter, and I’d encourage people to check out the survey which will only take five to 10 minutes to complete.”

Each council has set out its own vision, and the proposals cover a range of issues.

These include doing even more to address climate change, improving biodiversity, providing more affordable housing, helping town centres to thrive, supporting business, improving rural transport, developing heritage and culture, sustainable development with communities having more of a say, people’s wellbeing, opportunities for young people and tackling inequality.

Further details are available in the survey, which gives people the option to comment on either council’s vision depending on where they live, or how people access the district.

The feedback will be used to help shape a new Corporate Plan, setting a long-term vision for the districts.

The survey is now live and runs until 15 November. It can be accessed at https://baberghandmidsuffolk.citizenlab.co/en-GB/




With summer approaching we wanted to update you on the status of the playground. We know it is disappointing to see that the play area is still closed, especially at this time of year with the school holidays approaching.

Just after Covid and upon the last inspection of the play area there was areas of maintenance that were brought to our attention which would require works and upon investigation this was quoted at over £10,000. We then were made aware because the play area is not owned by the parish council, (It is owned by the PFMC) we are unable to insure the area for all types of risk.

We are in talks with the Playing Fields Management Committee (PFMC) to acquire a lease of the play area to enable us to carry out the maintenance works to allow the play area to reopen.

We have had designs drawn up to replace the area with brand new equipment which the children from Sproughton Primary School then chose their favourite.

We will then look to apply for grants to upgrade to a brighter, better more inclusive play area for the children to enjoy.

Once again, we sincerely apologise for the delay in getting the area re-opened, however we hope to get this rectified soon.



Coronation Picnic Planning for Sunday 7th May 2023

Planning for the coronation picnic is very much underway. Its not long now so we felt the need for our Events Team to finalise details over coffee and cake at the cafe in Claydon on Friday. We have also just bought the prosecco!!

UPDATE 03May23: Nearly at the coronation weekend and our picnic on Sunday. Marquee Friday, setting up tables and chairs on Saturday and blowing up loads of balloons. Got the ice to chill the prosecco today - its taking up most of the space in Helen's freezer. Jenni is on cake duty - definitely looking forward to that bit!!

We're glad people enjoyed the Coronation Picnic -we did (we even got a thank-you card!). Thank you very much for coming. Thanks to the Rock Choir, Magic Ollie and Katie's Garden who supplied some of the plants, along with residents for our new Charles III flower bed on the Millenium Green planted by the children at the picnic.

Tree Planting next to Ladder Field

We received some free trees for planting in Sproughton so have planted around 12 trees in the field next to Ladder Field (by the broken gate!). They are only small but we hope will grow strongly over the next few years. Cherry, Rowan & Silver Birch were planted by Kirsty (Parish Clerk & taking the photo), Helen (Chair), Jenni (Councillor) and Rhona (new councillor & Neighbourhood Plan Chair). We hope to plant a new hedge in that area in the Autumn.


Sproughton Parish Elections

Town and Parish Council nomination paper can be downloaded from:


For further information on standing for Town or Parish Council can be found on the electoral commission website.




The UK Government has introduced a requirement for voters to show photo ID when voting at a polling station at some elections. This new requirement will apply for the first time in England at the local elections on Thursday 4 May 2023.

Accepted ID 


We are actively working on this issue and have been for many months. The play equipment is unsafe. It requires about £10,000 of maintenance and we would rather replace the playground equipment which comes in at around £100,000. There is also an insurance issue around liability (our insurers refused to cover) that only came to light last year- this is complicated due to the trust deed that covers this land. The land is actually owned by the Playing Fields Management Committee but the Parish Council have been maintaining the play equipment for several years now, although the whys & wherefores to this are lost in time. So unfortunately for the safety of the children, this will have to remain closed until this is resolved. The only part of the playground that is open is the equipment that is outside the railings.


Wednesday 25th January at 09:30am,the BDC Planning Committee will be meeting at 09:30am in the Frink Room, Endeavour House, Ipswich to discuss the planning application DC/21/02671Wolsey Grange 2 for the development of 750 homes i.e. next to Taylor Wimpey 1 on the fields bordered by the A1071 & Hadleigh Road and Hadleigh Road & the A14 adjacent to Red House Farm.

Again we would really like your support at the hearing. ( OUR Parish would be more than doubled in size, if this is approved!)If you would like a lift into Ipswich for the meeting please contact Kirsty Webber our Clerk, SproughtonPC@gmail.com

The agenda is available to view online at the link below:



Taylor Wimpey 2/ Chantry Vale 2 - 750 homes

Wednesday 25th January at 09:30am,the BDC Planning Committee will be meeting at 09:30am in the Frink Room, Endeavour House, Ipswich to discuss the planning application DC/21/02671Wolsey Grange 2 for the development of 750 homes i.e. next to Taylor Wimpey 1 on the fields bordered by the A1071 & Hadleigh Road and Hadleigh Road & the A14 adjacent to Red House Farm.

The agenda is available to view online at the link below:


Again we would really like your support at the hearing. ( OUR Parish would be more than doubled in size, if this is approved!)If you would like a lift into Ipswich for the meeting please contact Kirsty Webber our Clerk, SproughtonPC@gmail.com


Our neighbourhood plan is now complete and has been given to Babergh for review. An examiner will be appointed shortly who will scrutinise it. After that the plan comes back to the parish for everyone to vote on (the Referendum)  - assuming this is successful the plan is 'made' and then it has 'weight' in legal terms and Babergh Planning must take the Neighbourhood Plan into account when reviewing planning applications. See our Neighbourhood Plan pages for more information. http://sproughton.onesuffolk.net/neighbourhood-plan/

Sproughton Parish Council Christmas weekend is back by popular demand..............

We are holding a Christmas Weekend for parishioners in the Tithe Barn, weekend of the 3rd & 4th  December (its free!).

Childrens Christmas Party Sat 3rd Dec 2:00-4:00pm

Adults Christmas Party Sat 3rd Dec 7:00-10:30pm

Mulled Wine & Mince Pies Sun 4th Dec 2:00-3:30pm

Please contact Kirsty Webber, Parish Clerk on SproughtonPC@gmail.com or Mob 07538 311567 to give your name/address & numbers of people coming to which event. (We have to limit numbers due to regulations so its first come first served). We look forward to seeing you there :-). 

Taylor Wimpey 2/ Chantry Vale 2 - 750 homes

Tomorrow (Wed12Oct) at 09:30am the Babergh Planning Committee are visiting the Taylor Wimpey/Chantry site that has been put forward for the development of 750 homes i.e. next to Taylor Wimpey 1 on the fields bordered by the A1071 & Hadleigh Road and Hadleigh Road & the A14 adjacent to Red House Farm. If anyone happens to be walking their dogs in that area you may see the committee plus a few parish councillors.

SPROUGHTON BEER FESTIVAL COMMITTEE 2022 The Sproughton Beer Festival Committee have agreed that the profits from the Beer Festival should go to local charities/organisations. People may remember that the proceeds from the sale of the Beer Festival glasses went to the East Anglian Children’s Hospice. If you are a local charity or an organisation whose activities benefits the residents of the parish please apply to Kirsty Webber at SproughtonPC@gmail.com with details of your organisation (inc. financial status), how much money you are hoping for, what you would do with any monies donated, how it benefits Sproughton parishioners and how you would evidence the outcome of the money donated. Applications need to be in by 31Oct22 so that applications can be reviewed and decisions made.

UPDATE (15Jun22): The Pigeon planning application was heard today by Babergh Planning Committee and REFUSED!!! By unanimous vote. Thanks go to Zac (District Councillor), Rhona (Chair, Neighbourhood Plan) & Helen (Chair) for their speeches to the committee and to those parishioners (& Clerk) who came along to support us.

Pigeon Land Management/Felix Thornley development ' Land North of Burstall Lane DC/19/0567 (Tue 7th June)

Babergh Planning Committee are visiting the 'Pigeon' site by the Allotments/Wildman tomorrow Wed 8th June at 09:30am (meeting in the Wildman car-park). They will be going round the site with the planning officer in charge of the application (DC/19/00567 'Hybrid Application comprising Outline Planning Application for the erection of up to 92 homes and 13 self-build/custom build plots)'. The parish council will be there but we are not allowed to speak. Please come along to show your support.

Following on from the Babergh Planning Committe site visit to the 'Pigeon' site tomorrow, they will be hearing the application on Wed 15th June at 09:30am in the Frink Room, Endeavour House. Again we would really like your support at the hearing. If you would like a lift into Ipswich for the meeting please contact Kirsty Webber our Clerk, SproughtonPC@gmail.com . If you would like to read what has been put forward, it can be found at https://baberghmidsuffolk.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=150&MId=3378

Thank you to all who came to the Race Night and Big Lunch. Judging by the 'thank-you' emails a good time was had by all. We will be putting up photographs soon.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend

Thank you to all who gave so generously at the Platinum Jubilee Racing Night in the Tithe Barn. We raised around £700 for East Anglia's Children's Hospice. A great night  was had by all.

The 'Big Lunch' is being held tomorrow on the Millennium Green starting at 12:00. We look forward to seeing you there. All 450 tickets have been allocated. Please remember to bring them with you to get your food, prosecco toast & ice-cream vouchers. For those without tickets who are bringing a picnic please remember to being chairs or a picnic blanket. Luckily, we are protected from any bad weather by a very large marquee so we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Offshore Wind Farm 

Scottish Power Renewables will hold a series of Public Information Days ahead of construction starting on East Anglia THREE Offshore Windfarm in July 2022. The local community will have the opportunity to meet the project management and construction teams and ask us questions about the Windfarm. These events will run between 13:00 and 19:30 at the following venues. • The Tithe Barn, Sproughton, 7th June • Village Hall, Burstall, 8th June • Loraine Victory Hall, Bramford, 9th June • Village Hall, Claydon, 10th June

Festival of Suffolk Torch Relay on Friday 20th May @ 4:30pm: As part of the Platinum Jubilee celebration the Festival of Suffolk is hosting a 588-mile Torch Relay around Suffolk (via rickshaw). This began in Brandon & ends at the Suffolk Show on Wednesday 1st June at the Suffolk Showground.The Torch arrives in Sproughton on Friday around 4:30pm. Riding in the rickshaw are 4 well-known people from Sproughton who have contributed much to the community over many years. Please show your support by gathering along the route (High Street & Lower Street) to applaud our volunteers as they pass. Pick up of our first pair is by Monks Gate to travel along Lower Street turning right down Lower Street to the Tithe Barn to pick up our second pair. They will proceed up Lower Street & onto Loraine Way towards Bramford.

Pigeon Development - Land North of Burstall Lane: As you know in late 2020 the application for a development of 105 houses around the Wildman Pub was granted by the Babergh District Council planning committee. We are pleased to inform you that after diligent and persistent investigations from the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Planning Team that the application has been referred back to committee. Sproughton Parish Council have engaged with technical support from a consultant who together, have succeeded in overturning the application. This is because parts of the proposed new Joint Local Plan had been dismissed by the Government inspector and the decision to approve the application was based partly on the new JLP. What does this mean? It means that the basis for approval in the new planning committee meeting will be centred on the current 2006 Local Plan. This site was not allocated on the local plan, our housing requirements for the parish have been met several times over by the Wolsey Grange 1 site and Bennett Homes. It is a very possible the application could be refused. We will again be calling on local parish support to have this application turned over and planning refused at committee. We will be updating the parish on a regular basis on progress. We don't know quite when it will go back to the Planning Committee but we hope that we can get a good turnout for the meeting (Endeavour House). The next 3 meetings are 25May, 15Jun & 29Jun so we will keep you updated.

Orwell Challenge - 19th June 2022 - an opportunity to walk the Orwell Estuary for charity. See www.orwellchallenge.co.uk and the Rotary Club Flyer.

Babergh District Council is currently conducting a Parish Review or Community Governance Review which began in March 2022. The deadline for submissions to the first phase of the consultation is Friday 27 May 2022. It is really important to get parishioners views otherwise Babergh will do their own thing which might not be good for our parish. For more details click here.

The Platinum Jubilee: Planning is in full swing! We are holding two free events for parishioners 1) A Race Night on Friday 3rd June 6:30-11:00pm, bring your own alcohol, nibbles will be supplied. The Big Lunch is being held on Sunday 5th June 12:00-5:00pm. This will be a street style party held on the Millennium Green including Hog Roast, Ice Cream Van, Rock Choir & a Saxophone Band. Watch out for a leaflet due to be delivered soon. We need volunteers so please contact Kirsty Webber, our clerk for details at sproughtonpc@gmail.com  or on 07538 311567.

Festival of Suffolk Torch relay in Sproughton Friday 20th May: A symbolic torch will tour the county of Suffolk from 13th May until 1st June to herald the start of the Festival of Suffolk & the celebrations to mark HM the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The torch will be carried by selected torch bearers. It will begin its journey on the county border at Brandon passing through 250 towns/villages (including Sproughton on 20th May), a distance of over 550 miles, before reaching its final destination at the Suffolk Show at Trinity Park. Communities in Suffolk are invited to nominate worthy individuals to carry the torch. Sproughton PC is finding a local hero, chosen in recognition for their service to the community. Information can be found on the website www.festivalofsuffolk.org. Please let us have any torch bearer nominations.

Beer Festival 13th,14th 15th May 2022 in the Tithe Barn: Raise your glass to celebrate 12 years of the Sproughton Beer festival and the Platinum Jubilee. Festival opening hours Saturday 14th May midday to 10.30pm. Sunday 15th May midday to 10.00pm. Full details can be found at www.sproughtonbeerfestival.com

Children’s Play Area at the Playing Field: The children’s play area is currently closed until a safety  issue is resolved. We need to be safe not sorry! We will let you all know as soon as it is resolved. (A recent playground inspection highlighted a number of issues which need to be resolved - we are working out what is the best course of action - repair or replace.).

Traffic Issues: The Traffic Committee has recently formed and hopefully will be able to address some of the issues raised by residents back in Sep’21. The parish council currently is trying to arrange a meeting with highways England. Information can be found at https://www.suffolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/.

NSIPs (National Significant Infrastructure Projects) & large-scale energy developments: National Grid has plans to update & upgrade the power grid between Bramford and 1) Twinstead, 2) Tilbury.‘2’ may affect this parish. More information can be found at www.nationalgrid.com/electricity-transmission/network-and-infrastructure/bramford-twinstead. Public consultation due out on ‘2’ due Apr’22.

Sproughton Christmas weekend

The barn is now decorated, food ready, presents wrapped. So, looking forward to seeing everyone at the Sproughton Christmas weekend starting with the childrens Christmas party on Saturday afternoon, followed by the Quiz & disco in the evening and mulled wine & mince pies on Sunday. We hope you like the tree on the village green as well.

Sproughton Parish Council Christmas Weekend.

We are holding a Christmas Weekend for parishioners in the Tithe Barn, weekend of the 4th & 5th December (its free!). You will be receiving a flyer through your doors shortly with full details:- Childrens Christmas Party Sat 4th Dec 2:30-4:30pm Adults Christmas Party Sat 4th Dec 7:30-10:30pm Mulled Wine & Mince Pies Sun 5th Dec 2:00-3:30pm Please contact Kirsty Webber, Parish Clerk on SproughtonPC@gmail.com or Mob 07538 311567 to give your name/address & numbers of people coming to which event. (We have to limit numbers due to regulations so its first come first served) Alternatively please leave your details at the Community Shop. We look forward to seeing you there :-). 'The Ladies who like to Party' commonly known as Kirsty, Rhona, Helen & Jenni have been busy ordering trees, buying loads of Christmas decoration and presents. Today (Wed 24Nov) we bought even more decorations plus beer lager and wine. Tomorrow we start buying food. Next week we will be decorating the barn........

An update on the JLP. Interesting events on the 7th day of the hearing 20th Oct. The inspector brought proceedings to a halt due to issues with Spatial Distribution policy and site selection process. This means that the plan is going to be delayed by 6months+. Babergh now need to revisit the sites discounted previously and if a different result is obtained then take another look at the sites they did select - opportunities for chaos abound.........is this good, bad or ugly???? We don't know yet. We do know that wolsey Grange 2 will still work it's way through the planning process though which seems premature given the state of the JLP.

BABERGH MIDSUFFOLK JOINT LOCAL PLAN: Sproughton PC are attending todays (Tue 19Oct21) Babergh Mid Suffolk Joint Local Plan Examination Hearing by the planning inspector. This must be our 6th day of attending the hearings over several weeks - today we are talking about the amount of housing allocated to Sproughton and whether or not the way they have calculated this is correct. Quite hard going but interesting.........

NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN: Final public consultation event for the Sproughton Neighbourhood Plan this Thursday 21st October 6.30pm - 8.30pm in the Tithe Barn. If you have any questions please come along. Thanks to those who have come to our previous exhibitions. Don't forget to put in your comments either online (see http://sproughton.onesuffolk.net/.../public-consultation.../ ) or on paper (available from the Community Shop and can be delivered to the conucil post box in the Tithe Barn courtyard)This public consultation phase begins on 2nd Oct 21 with an exhibition in the Tithe Barn, Lower Street. All parishioners including businesses are welcome to review the plan and to comment on it. Invitation.


The parish council are preparing a detailed response to the above application. We have prepared a high level version of this for parishionersto use as a basis for their own response either in part or full. The response is based on comments received from parishioners and those made by the planning consultant and landscape architect employed by SPC. Please download the response letter. Our detailed response is close to be being finalised - being double-checked for spelling, grammer and some fact checking - it can be downloaded here.