In 2020 Sproughton Parish Council decided to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan. The Government encourages parish councils to produce their own Neighbourhood Plans enabling local people to have a say in how their neighbourhood grows and develops.

Pre-Submission Consultation on Draft Neighbourhood Plan

We have now reached the Pre-Submission Consultation Stage. The consultation runs for six weeks from 2nd October 2021 to 15th November 2021.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan document can be downloaded here.

We would welcome your comments. These can be submitted online or by completing the form below and returning to the drop off point at either The Parish Council post box by the entrance to the Tithe Barn or plastic box at 8 Barker Close. Alternatively, you can comment online which we would prefer if possible as this makes it easier to collate the comments.

Online Comments Form (live 2nd Oct)

Download Comments Form

Paper copies of the Plan can be viewed upon prior arrangement with the Parish Clerk and will be available at the Drop In events.

Drop-In Events

We'll be at the Tithe Barn, Lower Street on Saturday 2nd October between 10:00 and 15:00 where you will be able to find out more about the Plan and talk to members of the Working Group.

Further consultation events are being held at the Tithe Barn on:-

Saturday 16th October 10:00am - 2:00pm & Sunday 17th October 10:00am – 3:00pm

Thursday 21st October 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Alternatively, if you are unable to get out and cannot download the Plan online, please telephone Kirsty Webber Parish Clerk on 07538311567 and we will arrange to get a copy of the Plan to you for an agreed period.

Comments must be received by Monday 15th November

A number of background studies have been prepared to support the Plan and these can be found on the Reference Documents page  

Following the completion of the consultation, we will review comments received, make any necessary amendments to the Plan and then submit it to Babergh District Council in order that it can proceed to examination and a village referendum next year.

Please note: All comments received will be made publicly available and will be identifiable by name/organisation. All other personal information provided will be protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Previous Stages

The Neighbourhood Plan preparation process includes a number of stages that have to be completed before the Plan is adopted. These are:-

1. Designation of Neighbourhood Area on 16 April 2020, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations, Babergh District Council formally designated the whole parish as a Neighbourhood Plan Area

2. Information Gathering

The documents listed below should be used in conjunction with the Sproughton Neighbourhood Plan. They have formed the guidelines and provided supporting evidence in this document. They must form the basis for any planning application, alongside the NPPF and current JLP documentation. Some of the documents below have been updated since the initial draft was completed - the most up to date copies can be found on the Refence Documents page

  1. Sproughton Neighbourhood Plan - Landscape Appraisal, Alison Farmer Associates, December 2020
  2. Sproughton, Site Assessment, AECOM December 2020
  3. Sproughton, Design Guidelines, AECOM January 2021
  4. Sproughton, Housing Needs Assessment, AECOM, November 2020.
  5. Sproughton, Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Questionnaire, Results, September 2020
  6. Sproughton School Neighbourhood Plan Survey – October 2020
  7. Sproughton School Survey results – November 2020
  8. Sproughton parish Listed Buildings – November 2020
  9. Sproughton parish list of significant buildings – December 2020
  10. Sproughton parish Green Spaces – December 2020
  11. Sproughton parish Special Character Area Appraisal - Submission to BDC Due October 2021
  12. Land at Red house, Chantry Vale, Sproughton: Landscape Appraisal Alison Farmer Associates LTD - September 2019
  13. Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils – Environment Concept Statements JLP Allocation Sites – LUC – August 2021
  14. Technical housing standards – nationally described space standard - GOV.UK (
  15. Assessing Landscape Value outside national designations. tgn-02-21-assessing-landscape-value-outside-national-designations.pdf (

All the documents in the above list can be found either on the Reference Dcouments page or are accessible via the BMSDC website and hence are in the public domain.

3. Pre-Submission Consultation on Draft Plan - This is the stage we have now reached.

Future Stages

4. Submission of Plan to Babergh District Council                     – Spring 2022

5. Submission Consultation by Babergh District Council            – Spring 2022

6. Independent Examination of Plan                                          – Summer 2022

7. Parish Referendum                                                                – Summer 2022

8. Making (adoption) of Plan by Babergh District Council          – Autumn 2022