The Parish Council regularly considers planning applications of all sizes and description at our fortnightly planning meetings and makes comments to the District Council as part of its 'Consultee' status. If an application is significant e.g. 49 houses next to the Tithe Barn (Hopkins Homes) rather than the more normal loft conversion type of application we publicise the application, ask for comments from parishioners and may hold a public meeting to get parishioners feedback. The Sproughton Working Group led by Mrs Rhona Jermyn also takes a keen interest in the bigger applications that are coming forward and works on its own publicity campaigns and responses to bigger applications. Currently the Parish Council and the Sproughton Working Group are collaborating to create a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish.

Babergh is continuing to pursue planning applications during the Covid-19 crisis and it is important that we continue to work on these applications feeding back the opinions of the parish especially where these are controversial applications. Do we want to come out of the Covid-19 lockdowns and find that the 3,000-odd houses proposed in the Joint Local Plan have been approved without due consideration??!!

To search for planning applications relevant to Sproughton please go to .

We are always happy to receive comments on planning applications from parishioners to guide the Parish Councils response to Babergh thereby ensuring we represent the community’s views as a whole.

Comments can be posted to Planning, c/o The Parish Clerk, Sproughton Parish Council, Tithe Barn, Lower Street, Sproughton, Suffolk, IP8 3AA (post box next to the Barley Room) or by email with a subject heading of ‘Planning’ & the application number to  

Please also forward your comments to BMSDC Planning with your name and address (as comments will not be considered without this information), headed with the application name, number & ‘Objection’, ‘Support’, ‘Comment’. Please note that objections are only counted as objections when specifically stated as such. Therefore its best to start your comments with ‘I object to this application….’ or ‘I support this application ….’ Etc. Contact details are also listed against each application.

Enso and EDF are proposing to build solar farms (Covering 240 acres)that encompass Burstall, Flowton, Elmsett & Bramford.

If you wish to object to this development, an objection letter has been compiled for your use.


Please forward this


The updated Joint Local Plan is going to be put before the full Babergh Mid-Suffolk District Council on 09/10 Nov20 in order to approve publication. After which it goes for official review by a Planning Inspector. Interested parties can put forward their views. SPC would like to hear parishioners views on this updated version of the JLP - exactly how is tbd given we are now in another lockdown - may be a virtual village meeting??

Below are the documents for review - this isn't the complete set but what we felt was most relevant to Sproughton parish. The quickest way to review the docs seem to be to read the introduction & any summary and then search for 'Sproughton'.









BMSDC-Joint-Local-Plan-Pre-Submission-Nov-2020-FINAL.pdf *









BMSDC-Joint-SHELAA-Report-Oct-2020.pdf *