The Parish Council Budget 2021-2022

There were two factors related to setting the precept this year. There were less homes built in the parish than projected. Also because of the Covid pandemic many households have claimed Council Tax Relief creating a 25% increase on the demand on those that will pay.

It was agreed at the January meeting to subsidise from the Parish Council reserves to reduce the increase to 2.26% which translates to a Parish Precept increase of just £2.01p per year for a Band D house.


An early Christmas present for the parish! The Hopkins Homes Appeal for the 49homes site next to Sproughton Hall & the Tithe Barn has been dismissed by the Planning Inspector.. We will be asking Babergh to remove the site from the JLP.

New Joint Local Plan Comments DUE 24DEC20 @ 12:00

Comments on the new (Reg19) BMSDC Joint Local Plan need to be in by 12:00 on Christmas Eve. We have prepared some documents to aid you in commenting. To comment online lpease go to Click on the little comment box on the top left of each paragraph and put your comments in. We hope the following documents are of use:-

  1. JLP Policy LA012 Burstall Lane,
  2. JLP Policy LA013 WG2,
  3. JLP Policy LA014 WG1,
  4. JLP Policy LA018 SEP,
  5. JLP Policy LA0116 Hopkins,
  6. JLP Policy LP21 Historic,
  7. JLP Policy SP05 Employment Land,
  8. JLP 08.03 Core Village

Babergh are only allowing comments via the portal or via the email submission (to of a paper document. There is a PDF version JLP Reg 19 PDF Form and a MS Word version JLP Reg 19 Word Form. If you have any problems please email or contact the Planning Policy Team on 0300 1234 000 option 5 then 4 or email


Please see links below for Christmas & New Year Waste Collection Schedule and Information on recycling your real Christmas Trees.





Footpath Closure 4th January 2021-4th July 2021



Hopkins Homes Appeal 01Dec20 --

...wish us luck. Sproughton PC is speaking at the Hopkins Homes appeal tomorrow. This predicted to last for 5-6 days. We will do our best but the effort put in has been somewhat offset by Babergh ignoring the Planning Committee refusal (twice) and putting the site in the new version of the JLP approved by Babergh/Mid-Suffolk on 10/11Nov. Decision due on or before 15Jan21

Day 1 (01Dec) = the introduction & opening arguements plus our speech which can be found here - HH Appeal Speech by SPC.

Day 2 (02Dec) = a focus on housing need & affordable housing

Day 3 (@10:00 03Dec) of the appeal hearing is underway - the Babergh planner is now being cross-examined, we hope he survives!!

Day 4 (@10:30 04Dec) of the appeal hearing is underway - this time its the Hopkins home planning representative is being cross-examined

Day 5 (07Dec20) - the planning inspector completed a site visit

Day 6 (09Dec20) - And we are now done!! Ruling expected on or before15Jan21 - crossed fingers & toes (thanks to Cllr Powell/Davies & our NP Chair Mrs Jermyn for working so hard on this one)

Graded Buildings in our Parish 13/11/20


Joint Local Plan 5/11/20

The updated Joint Local Plan is going to be put before the full Babergh Mid-Suffolk District Council on 09/10 Nov20 in order to approve publication. After which it goes for official review by a Planning Inspector. Interested parties can put forward their views.

SPC would like to hear parishioners views on this updated version of the JLP - exactly how this is tbd given we are now in another lockdown - may be a virtual village meeting??

Pigeon Application Approved 7/10/20

As most of you will now be aware the Pigeon Development along Burstall Lane and Loraine Way went before the planning committee yesterday.

Unfortunately, this did not go in our favour which we lost on a vote of 6 to 5.

There was an overwhelming total of 335 objection. However, this was not enough to stop the application being approved.

Going forward we will prepare ourselves to make sure the application follows what has been approved, and to ensure that their obligations are met.

We will be in continuous talks with BMSDC & Pigeon to ensure the development will be the best it can be for the village.

A Massive thank you to the Sproughton Working Group and Parish Council for all their hard work, over the last year raising awareness of this application with the Parish. It was important to ensure Parishioners were fully aware of the development and were given a chance to voice their views.

Please continue to support the Sproughton Neighbourhood Planning Team as they are the gateway to ensuring any further development is in the right place and that the design and impact of the developments are controlled through our own set policies.

The developer has put forward for a village carpark and community space to be included within the development. Please feel free to forward to any suggestions in which you think the community space could be used. These will then be forwarded to the developer for consideration.



The Pigeon DC/19/00567 application will be considered by Babergh Planning Committee on Wednesday 7th October. Sproughton Parish Council will be requesting to speak at the meeting. Please see below the Agenda for the meeting.

BDC Planning Committee Agenda 07.10.2020

The meeting will be live streamed to the Councils’ YouTube page as linked below:


Grange 2 

23rd September 2020

Sproughton Parish Council met with members of the Wolsey Grange 2 development to discuss the proposals at Land North of the A1071.

Taylor Wimpey will be submitting an application in November for a proposed 750 dwellings, the estimated time frame in which the development will take to complete will be over a 10year period.

The Council were extremely interested in the mitigations regarding, Green Space, Screening, Wildlife Corridors and Impact of Traffic.

Please see documents below regarding the development.




PIGEON HAVE RESUBMITTED A REVISED VERSION FOR PLANNING APPLICATION DC/19/00567 LAND NORTH OF BURSTALL LANE. We have just had it confirmed that the deadline for comments has been extended to 18 SEPTEMBER. Please keep the comments going - we can still collect letters from the shop to deliver to Babergh Planning at Endeavour House. Or you can email the planning department, submit comments online.



Due to the current ongoing pandemic, we are continuously looking at ways to open the Barn safely. The Clerk is currently investigating how we need to comply with the legal requirements of holding events at the Barn.

Due to the pandemic we are also advising the below:

We would put in additional measures when using the Barn, i.e. hand sanitisers . However it would be down to the hirer to comply with the social distancing measures that our in place, it is also advised that high touch points are continuously cleaned throughout an event and masks to be worn (As doors may not be able to be opened)

Contact details for all those in attendance will need to be recorded and given to the Parish Clerk to be kept for 21 days after the event, in the case someone does become ill with Covid-19.

There will also be an additional charge due to the Barn/Kitchen having to be deep cleaned before and after an event.



YOUR INVITATION TO : Sproughton Neighbourhood Plan

open event in September..

Friday 4th 5pm -9pm, Saturday 5th& Sunday 6th10am – 4pm.

Over 70 and Shielding Saturday and Sunday Morning 9am-10am.

Strict Covid-19 Social distancing regulations in place. NO TOILET facilities available.

Please wear a face mask and adhere to guidelines.


Many Thanks Rhona Jermyn





New plans have been resubmitted by Pigeon Investment Ltd and The Felix Thornley Cobbold Agricultural Trust for another 105 homes off Burstall Lane. The infrastructure around Sproughton is not designed to cope with the increase in dwellings. There is extra pressure already from the Wolsey Grange site which impacts the traffic coming in from Hadleigh at the Beagle roundabout. The Old Sugar Beet factory site is now being developed and that will increase the volume of traffic on our local roads too. We as a small parish cannot sustain either by infrastructure, utilities, or public services the extra houses proposed for our community.

The new revised plans are available to view on the BMSDC Website:

Due to the size of the application we would try to hold a Public consultation, however due to the current pandemic this is not viable. We have asked Babergh Planning for an extension on the expiry consultation date of the 27th August 2020 due to the summer holidays and difficulties with communicating with people as we would normally do. Unfortunately, at present this has not been granted. Therefore, we are asking our Parishioners via NextDoor/SPC website/Facebook/Twitter to review the revised application and to submit their comments. 

Ways to have your say:

Online via the BMSDC Website:

Email the Case Officer:

Via Post: Letters can be sent to the below address

Planning Department
Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils
Endeavour House
8 Russell Road
Ipswich IP1 2BX

Or alternatively you can drop your letters into the SPC post box beside the Tithe Barn or the Community Shop and these will be taken to the Council Office.

If you require any help in writing a response or have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting our Clerk (Kirsty Webber) at: or 07538 311567

Neighbourhood Plan survey Help: 10Jul20: Members of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee will be outside the community shop tomorrow (Sat 11Jul20)  to help with completing any questionnaires from 10:30-12:30

Neighbourhood Plan Survey. A BIG thank you to everyone who has completed and returned the Neighbourhood Plan Survey. We appreciate you taking the time to have your say on what happens to OUR village. We have had great feedback and would like to give everyone the chance to have their say. We have therefore extended the closing date to 13th July

Neighbourhood Plan (29Jun20): Good News - the neighbourhood plan household survey (2 copies per household) was delivered to all parishioners this past weekend. Please can you take the time to fill the survey in, instructions are on the front page. The more people that fill it in the better the plan will be as it will be supported by strong evidence.  Help is available in case of questions. There are local drop off points for completed surveys including the Community Shop or if you cannot get out we will come and collect it. Many thanks for your continued support for our plan. 

ZOOM Meetings - just a reminder that parish council meetings are still being held on Zoom as per guidance from the Suffolk Association of Local Councils. We will return to face to face meetings as soon as we have been given permission.

Sproughton Road Closure at Railway Bridge. 26/5/20 for 4 weeks - pedestrians & cyclists will be able to get through. The Parish Council is trying to see if a replacement bus service can be provided and is in communication with Babergh, Suffolk County Council and Balfour Beatty (the contractor)


Cllr Peter Powell has asked for the following be circulated to parishioners after advice he has received from BMSDC Environmental Protection Officers. Re Unsociable Noise from Sproughton Enterprise Park. The agreed hours for any noisy construction operations on the Sproughton Enterprise Park is 0800-1800 hours Monday to Friday and 0800-1300 Saturday excluding Bank Holidays. The Operational Noise proposed by the developers noise assessment report in the Outline Planning Application for the whole site was that it should not exceed the normal background noise (i.e. A14 etc.). There have been several occasions where loud and annoying construction noise has occurred late at night, early in the morning and over the whole weekend.

As this is a construction site it is impossible to avoid construction noise during these times so be realistic about any complaint. However noisy operations outside these operating times or something exceptionally disruptive having a significant adverse impact on your normal lives or health during the agreed hours is not acceptable.

The advice received is that where such noise appears to be from the Amazon Warehouse site the following can be contacted.   

TSL Project Manager Alex Isaac 07912 280 955

TSL Site Manager Luke Avis 07971 180 635

TSL H&S Manager Corey Spaven 07395 347 695

If this does not resolve the problem then the matter should be reported to Babergh Mid Suffolk District Council either via their website reporting page or by phone to 0300-1234000 so that the complaint can be properly registered.  

Reporting Link:

Please c.c/update. Cllr Powell  into all complaints so that he can establish the extent of the noise nuisance.

BREAKING NEWS: Well - the Babergh Planning Committee has just finished and ...... the application was refused!! Big thanks to our two parishioners who spoke as objectors one of whom was Rhona Jermyn who chairs both the Sproughton Working Group & Neighbourhood plan Sub-Committee. It was refused on heritage grounds again and concern was expressed about sustainability of the infrastructure especially traffic & health and alot of comments about the amount of development in the Gipping Corridor. So, also another big thank-you to the 250+ parishioners who commented - showed the level of disquiet about the development. A great result.
UPDATE: The Hopkins Homes application will be heard by Babergh Planning Committee on Thu 30April @ 09:30am. The PArish Council will be speaking against this application as will one or two other parishioners. We will publish details of how to join this virtual meeting as soon as we know. Please, please please join us - we have reservations as to how this virtual process will be demonstrably open, democratic and transparent. - JUST HEARD (28APR) - TO ATTEND THE VIRTUAL PLANNING COMMITTEE ON THURSDAY 30APRIL @ 09:30AM COPY AND PASTE THE FOLLOWING INTO YOUR BROWSER
Please join in the second 'Clap for Our Carers' at 8:00pm tonight (Thursday) - to thank NHS and all key workers #clapforNHS #NHSheros Hope to hear everyone in Sproughton.

Thursday 2nd April 2020: It was with sadness that we heard of the death yesterday of ex-Babergh District Councillor Nicholas Ridley who lived in Sproughton. Nick worked tirelessly for Babergh DC and its residents for many years.  He attended many Sproughton Parish Council meetings over his years in office and helped us on numerous occasions. Although there were times when opinions differed which led to some entertaining debates. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends at this difficult time.


Sproughton Parish Council Meetings: As per the advice from Government, Sproughton Parish Council is no longer holding its regular scheduled meetings in public. We are waiting on further advice from the National & Suffolk Associations of Local Councils as to how business might continue during this time – Babergh, for example are continuing to work on planning applications to which we should consult on & respond. But, in the interim we are taking a pragmatic approach and working on the things we can progress by emailing, holding conference or video calls where possible. Notices will still continue to be published on the parish noticeboards and updates on our website, Facebook page & Twitter. Two of our parish councillors have set up an initiative to aid parishioners where they need extra help – a leaflet was delivered to every house in the parish before we went into lockdown. If you have any questions please contact our clerk, Kirsty Webber at or 07538-311567. In the meantime stay safe and well.
If you need help please contact Iain Selby on 01473-742209/ 07910-263883, Jenni King on 07814-891533 or Jill on 07754-531339 as per the below notice

The Chair of the Sproughton Working Group has created an online government petition (thanks Rhona) to ask that the planning process be suspended at this time.

This is the petition 'Suspend all live planning applications submitted to local Councils. Suspend all DC planning departments authority to process, evolve planning applications on the planning portals or recently submitted. Suspend all online meetings for Planning Committees. Remove the power of DC's & Planning Officers to automatically process & approve any planning applications. 1. Denies us our democratic rights 2. Encourages people to ignore the "stay at home" message 3. Puts councillors at risk 4. Does not meet the "essential" criteria, except in the case of medical facilities 5. Goes against looming government advice about closing building sites 6. Puts an additional and unnecessary burden on the internet, mobile and telephone networks 7. Diverts local authorities from keeping essential services running'.

To vote for this please click on and forward the link on to those who might be interested.


We hope everyone is keeping well and managing to keep themselves occupied during this period of isolation. Two of our parish councillors have set up an initiative to offer help to those who need it working with the Community Shop. Iain Selby & Jenni King have formed a team of volunteers (currently standing at 20) to those who cannot get out and need help with collecting shopping, prescriptions etc (assisting the vulnerable is permitted according to the updated government guidance). Please see the Sproughton section on for further information that is being posted from time to time and the below.

Self Isolating Infomation

Please follow the official advice and stay well.


HOPKINS HOMES UPDATE - PLANNING APPLICATIONS DC/18/02010 (original) & DC/18/02412 (duplicate)

The provisional date for this application to be put before the Planning Committee is the 25th March. Given the Covid-19 outbreak we are waiting to hear how/if this will still go ahead. Hearings are normally held at Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 2BX NOW CANCELLED - AWAITING FURTHER INFO FROM BABERGH